Wednesday, 28 June 2017

matariki celebration

Orientation (Introduction)
On friday
Senior block
What happened?

Tell it in the order it happened.
First of all we went to the hall for special  assembly kauri flats school came to our special assembly they came and talked about fish tank and flounder  . I was in the pounamu kapa haka group.
Next we went back to class to do the roll and get a sticker  so we know which class that we go to when I got my sticker it says rm1.
After that when I got there Hunter and Josh was there too then we got into buddies then it was morning tea.
Later on after morning tea we went back into room 1 when we got in mr Wiseman told us to go into the imac’s and go no to garageband to find a slow and sad song then it was lunch time all the Senior block had share lunch we had sausage sizzle and trifle thank’s to whaea Saf for making our trifle.
In the end at the end we watch our movie that we made.